1.  What brake pads are compatible with iRT Wheel rims?

  a.  The iRT brake pads should on our website are specially formulated to work with our              rims. In addition, the KoolStop red brake pads are also compatible. Both are sold in our      accessories section. 


1.     Are iRT Wheels 11 speed compatible?

a.      If you are purchasing a new set of wheels, they are 11 speed compatible. If you have a set of wheels from 2013 or earlier, you will need a free hub body to make them 11-speed compatible. Please call 626-765-9935 or email for ordering information.


1.     Are iRT Wheels available with custom decals?

a.      Currently, standard decals are black or white. In some instances, custom decal colors can be done for larger clubs or teams. Please call us for details. 

2.     Do your wheels come with wheel bags?

a.      iRT Wheel bags are hand sewn in the United States with American made fabric. They are available for purchase on our website.


1.     Do iRT Wheels have a weight limit?

a.      Though they do not have a weight limit per se, we do not recommend a rider over 225lbs.


1.     Can you ship to a PO Box?

a.      iRT Wheels uses both UPS and FedEx to ship your purchases. Because of this, we do need a physical address.

2.     When will I see my order?

a.      All of our wheel sets are built or order based on our customer’s specifications, and therefore built at the time of purchase.  Typically if the item and its components are in stock, your order will ship within 72 hours.  If you have any questions at the time of purchase, please call 626-765-9935 or email with questions. 


1.     What is your warranty policy?

a.      Our warranty policy is displayed here on our website for your convenience.


1.     What are your hours of operation?

a.      To ensure our customers are purchasing an appropriate wheel set for their needs, we do wheel consults and shopping by appointment at our headquarters, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm PST. Contact us at at any time.

2.     How do I become an iRT Wheels dealer/partner?

a.      As a reseller, you may purchase products for your customers at any time.  To become an authorized iRT Wheels Partner and Service Location, please contact our sales department at for information.

3.     How do I become an iRT Wheels distributor?

a.      Please contact our sales department at for information. Please include your country/regions of distribution.